We are proud to have been of service to the following satisfied clients

Christian Camping International

“Thank you for your willingness to serve as a guest speaker at our Ohio Section CCI Conference. I believe that the information you present will help us to more effectively serve people and to operate our facilities with greater safety and integrity.”

D. K.
CCI, Ohio Section

National Spa and Pool Institute Alexandria Virginia

“Your energy and enthusiasm were key factors in how well your tech schools progressed, and you should be proud of your results.”

B. D.
Education Processes Manager

“Everyone agreed that the educational programming at the NSPI International EXPO in New Orleans was a huge success. Thank you for your part in making the sessions exciting and notable! We have received rave reviews about the programs, and you made it all possible!”

P. S.
Convention Education Coordinator

National Spa and Pool Institute Region VI

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services as a program presenter. As an association management company, we work with many speakers each year on behalf of our clients. Working with you is a pleasure.

The professional manner in which you prepare for the program helps us insure that everything will flow smoothly and without problems. In putting on a program, it must be done right the first time, because you can’t go back and re do it. I don’t worry about error when working with you.

I heard nothing but rave comments from attendees about your presentations. Everyone seemed pleased with your clear presentation of the materials. It makes for an interesting and informative offering for your audience. Working with a professional like yourself makes my job much easier. Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work.”

Columbus, Ohio

Sea World of Ohio

“Content was very good…nothing needs to be added or deleted from presentation”

Ohio Department of Health

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

“Everyone I have spoken with was extremely impressed with your program. I heard such comments as ‘The best seminar I’ve been to concerning pool sanitation.’ Your presentation was professional and well organized.”

National Spa and Pool Institute Western New York

“Presentation was an excellent overview of topics.”

Ohio Environmental Health Association

Maryland Association of Sanitarians

Leisure Systems Inc. Jellystone Family Campgrounds

“As I questioned the people leaving the room, the overwhelming response is, they were very satisfied. We have to have you back again.”

Lake County YMCA

“It has been great working with you. You never made us feel like we were an inconvenience nor lost patience with us. I especially appreciate your patience – Thank you for your continued support and assistance.”

Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

“The training you provided was not only useful for operating our public swimming pools, but also supplied my staff with knowledge and skills necessary for operating our aquatic animal life support systems as well. As they say ‘the proof is in the pudding’ I feel that we have provided the best water quality possible for the health and safety of our guests and animals, and your operational and technical support helped make this possible. Thank you for your many years of support and service!”