People want to be treated fairly. Lakeside combines industry expertise with exceptional communication skills to bring differences to a speedy resolution.

“The pool is not what we bargained for, the quality is inferior to our expectations and the time invested by us far exceeds what is normal.”

This was the plea for help from one client who engaged Lakeside to assist them in the resolution of their dispute with their swimming pool contractor. What follows is a letter received sometime later by our satisfied client.

“This week I expect to conclude my dilemma with our previous pool construction. As we bring this problem to closure, I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance and counsel. Realize that I have told you this before. But I want you to know that my wife and I could not have successfully concluded this matter without your involvement. You provided the right mixture of expertise, level headed thinking, fair recommendations and persuasion. There is no doubt in my mind that if the circumstances warranted it, you would have argued on behalf of the pool contractor. That kind of fairness enhances rather than detracts from your credibility. As you know, our problem had escalated to the point when the two sides were no longer talking, the work had stopped short of completion and a safety hazard had been created. Frankly, we were heading toward a lawsuit, a choice we certainly didn’t want because of the time involved and the possibility that it would delay our pool. You became our savior. Hiring you to provide expert advice and arbitration was the key to arriving at an acceptable solution.”

Sincerely, T. F. Columbus, Ohio

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